I have 15 gigs left from 512 on my disk. If I run out of disk space I'll close my laptop and go home for the weekend. Cheers!
Ethereum is a Bitcoin based Smart contract implementation. Intriguing, but I'm doubtful. plst.hu/ytrpp #plastik #bitcoin #Ethereum
The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is empty #mildlyinteresting i.imgur.com/6pIhu9I.jpg
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how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?
I moved to the suburbs to mow the lawn. Now, I'm in the suburbs, mowing the lawn. 🌱🍃
Content blocking in iOS 9 will be H-U-G-E plst.hu/lmkzk #plastik
The creators of the smash iOS hit, Crossy Road, are here with their latest gig: PAC-MAN 256 plst.hu/aqpii #plastik ⬇️load it❗️
How to make Iced Latte – these videos are so … peaceful. plst.hu/aqoyh #plastik
TIL in the biopic "Straight Outta Compton" Ice Cube's kid, O'Shea Jackson, plays his father. pic.twitter.com/bBegPopDZj
The original Final Fantasy VII is out on the App Store plst.hu/knfby #plastik
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CSS is complicated. Web Inspector’s new Visual Styles sidebar can help you perfect a design — now in the nightly. pic.twitter.com/ucS5BUkO6Q
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Apple's central premise of selling you devices and services rather than selling you and your privacy has never looked more appealing.
I’m buying a new NAS – the time and necessity has cometh! I shall (maybe not) transcode!! plst.hu/nsibz #plastik
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vnc-roulette: crawls Shodan for insecure VNC servers and connects you to one   allsprk.com/vnc/
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Vegyük észre, értsük meg, hogy a három vonalas drag körször nem Maces átok!
Beraktam a Maces drag kezet a compba. Bajorics: "ez jó, de csak akkor, ha a kéz ez lesz" (és mutatja az alábbit) pic.twitter.com/6yXYIqB8L7
How DNS works – wonderful illustrations! howdns.works