Vienna, here I come. Going to @Emarsys orientation day from the beautiful Keleti railway station. /with @Fenyo101
I'm going to the Nordic APIs 2014 Annual Conference, is there someone coming, too?… #nordicapis #api /cc @nordicapis
Goodbye YUI, with respect to @powersander for the decision!…
I'm doing lots of research related to APIs these days. Here's a cool post about useful tools & services you can use
Srclib Is A Polyglot Code Analysis Library, Built With Hackability In Mind
We just made #repoguard opensource which detects risky lines/changes in your repositories. CC @kepten @Zsati
:( Robin Williams Found Dead in Possible Suicide
Myths I Do Not Believe In
It's a brilliant idea... Introducing Heroku Button
Trying to discover all the hidden secrets of and… Thanks @cowboy and @mathias
David Galeano’s talk, on JavaScript and the Browser as a Platform for Game Development, is now live. Enjoy!…
@sycko @kisPocok Emarsys, csekkoljátok LinkedInen a státuszom.
So Long, and Thanks for All the Dish - today is my last working day at @prezi. Was awesome, I'll really miss the people & culture. #goodbye
Node.js Conference in Hungary in November: to stay up-to-date, follow @Oneshotbudapest
.@sycko Fogalmam sincs, hogy mennyit ér, így leginkább ajánlatokat várok.
.@dezo @sycko Egy vadi új és a gyári akksiját adom hozzá. A gép nem tölti az akksit, az okát nem tudom. Feltöltött akksival amúgy megy.