What Is The Most Valuable Programming Language To Know For The Future And Why? zite.to/1tbAd89
This Wine Packaging Defies the Packaging Norm zite.to/1une8VE
@gabesas De rég nem láttam, így nem vagyok képben. @kobak
@gabesas Saját csomagkezelője van, a válogatás és készítés is feladat, a telepítő, a "control center" saját. Nem kis meló. @kobak
Hmm. A new release of UHU-Linux (maybe the best Hungarian distribution) is here. I've worked on the 1.0 release. uhulinux.hu
After three years of development, iTerm2 2.0 released. iterm2.com/news.html
Schönen Montagmorgen!
GitHub for Mac Gets Simpler & Faster zite.to/TWUoY4
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@ddq yeoman jó cucc, patternlab helyett miért nem bootstrap inkább?
Még jó, hogy van időpontom... :( m.hvg.hu/itthon/2014070…
Chrome is not working with the latest Yosemite update. A nice motivation to check out Firefox again. :) pic.twitter.com/Wo4Ae7vW2o
Breaking news of the week, very, very strange. TJ Holowaychuk leaves the Node land. news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7987146
Famous/Angular is an MVC for creating beautiful apps powered by AngularJS. Learn more & download: try.famo.us/angular-twtr
"I’m pretty sure that Prezi is among the top 1% of the most complex JavaScript applications on the net." medium.com/prezi-engineer…