Srclib Is A Polyglot Code Analysis Library, Built With Hackability In Mind
We just made #repoguard opensource which detects risky lines/changes in your repositories. CC @kepten @Zsati
:( Robin Williams Found Dead in Possible Suicide
Myths I Do Not Believe In
It's a brilliant idea... Introducing Heroku Button
Trying to discover all the hidden secrets of and… Thanks @cowboy and @mathias
David Galeano’s talk, on JavaScript and the Browser as a Platform for Game Development, is now live. Enjoy!…
@sycko @kisPocok Emarsys, csekkoljátok LinkedInen a státuszom.
So Long, and Thanks for All the Dish - today is my last working day at @prezi. Was awesome, I'll really miss the people & culture. #goodbye
Node.js Conference in Hungary in November: to stay up-to-date, follow @Oneshotbudapest
.@sycko Fogalmam sincs, hogy mennyit ér, így leginkább ajánlatokat várok.
.@dezo @sycko Egy vadi új és a gyári akksiját adom hozzá. A gép nem tölti az akksit, az okát nem tudom. Feltöltött akksival amúgy megy.
Eladó 2011-es MacBook Pro-m, egy 120 GB-os SSD-vel és 500 GB-os winyóval. Csak töltőről megy. #iamsellingmymac
Eloquent JavaScript - second edition
Simplicity - Start a new project as simple as it can get and only add things if you really need them.…
Just another Prezi organized conference, now it's about design. Redefine Conf, Budapest, 2–3 October 2014