Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative meeting tomorrow (July 16) at the regular time at 4pm UTC: groups.drupal.org/node/433573 #D8MI
Woot, the first part of the big menu links refactoring that *will* allow translatable menu links is now in! drupal.org/node/2301239#c… #D8MI
Holy cow, @ryan_weal is rocking the Drupal 8 Migrate in Core issue queue - thank you!
Join #drupalmarvin for in-depth learning & contribution and to enjoy great Balaton views: 2014.drupalaton.hu pic.twitter.com/OcHFGHlt1y
This has been re-shared ad nauseam among programmers, but for good reason: it's hard to change a culture pic.twitter.com/xIKVmcbMj2
YAML files for contextual links, local tasks, and local actions have been renamed ift.tt/1n6aziQ
Hi world. Today is important. You MUST comment to the FCC on Net Neutrality. If you don't, you will get this: on.digg.com/1mc860a
At #Drupalaton if you get tired learning or sprinting, you can go right out to the hotel's private mini-island. pic.twitter.com/8MsCs6HEgx
Education is every day and everywhere, the only thing you have to pay is attention. - Tim Fargo #quote pic.twitter.com/OFX2FLwzuZ
Drupal 6 extended support announcement buff.ly/1pC9twZ
Come for the Con, stay for the sprints! Plan your travel for weekend and Friday sprints in Amsterdam: ow.ly/3naBjA
Cataloguing responses to the "are people using headless #Drupal today?" tweet here: groups.drupal.org/node/432938 It's a wiki; feel free to edit!
4 days #Drupal8 sprinting on the shores of Lake Balaton, Hungary 2014.drupalaton.hu/sprint @drupalaton August 2014
A beautiful sunset cruise on the lake is included with your #Drupalaton ticket! 2014.drupalaton.hu/cruise-party pic.twitter.com/pw6CjmUI93
Want to go on #drupal camp and enjoy some holiday at the same time? @drupalaton is the answer! 2014.drupalaton.hu