A Jupiter jelenleg benne van a Kepler látómezejében. Közvetlenül nem esik aktív CCD-re, de a szellemképe már igen: pic.twitter.com/kNOE7ZMCHm
Using large gov't dishes such as DSN requires money that #NASA officially says it does not have. But our team has other resources #ISEE-3
#NASA has officially told my team that there is no NASA $$ to contact/redirect me - other sources are needed #ISEE-3 pic.twitter.com/q9YMWsm7J2
Science Debate! index.hu/tudomany/2014/… Fidesz, MSZP: egy-egy kövér nulla
NASA Internal Memo: Suspension of NASA contact with Russian entities [except for ISS] spaceref.com/news/viewsr.ht… #wow #Crimea
@Richi_Toth @tanbacsi a fidesz képviselői legalább 100%-ban orbánviktorok. Jobbanteljesítenek!!!
"there is a significantly non-zero probability that in the search for life in the universe we will also encounter large amounts of undeath."
"We demonstrate how to identify the necro-signatures present in the atmospheres [of exoplanets] where a zombie apocalypse may have occurred"
A Necro-Biological Explanation for the Fermi Paradox arxiv.org/abs/1403.8146v1 #AprilFoolsDay
Tomorrow the #Spacetweeps at #DSN50 will have a chance to visit the DSN ground station on Endor #NASASocial pic.twitter.com/bwTiv8umfN
Apámmal a Mohácsnál talált német tengeralattjárót tárgyaljuk (ápr.1 alert!), visszahozta az emlékeket... #kiel #u995 plus.google.com/photos/1150027…
"all of CERN's official communication channels are switching to exclusive use of the font Comic Sans" home.web.cern.ch/about/updates/… :DDD
Kuo- 3-sigma tension with Planck limits. Think it will be resolved with more obs & better constraints from #BICEP2, KECK array, & BICEP3
Kuo- BICEP3 online in 2015-new technology detectors- will cover more sky & extended frequency coverage than #BICEP2 -2590 100 GHz detectors
Napi kínzó kérdés: hány négyzetmétert lehet venni a Pasa Parkban a) 240 millióból b) egy 50 milliós nejlonszatorból.
Don't forget that the internet will be full of lies on April 1st. (probably also on all the other days as well)
@I_We_Gaia @AstroSamantha @AstroTerry @jnmatthew Astronauts have to be good at everything - plus at a few more things. :)
@tothur WAT! 2-3 napja még volt...