Don't put iOS 8 on your iPhone 4S:
Smells like journo embargo expired for iPhone 6 reviews yesterday.
Smells like journo embargo just expired for iPhone 6 reviews yesterday
All the rides are down at Six Flags Great Adventure. Looks like one of the electric cabinets has some issues, it's smoking.
The two massive beams of Tribute in Light memorial reach 4 miles into the sky.
Yet another @TWC_NYNJ outage. 👎
Microsoft is killing the Nokia and Windows Phone brands. Windows and Lumia all the way…
The Apple Watch coming in early 2015 for $349 plus add the price of an iPhone
Azt hiszem par ev mulva a szemeszeti varakozok elott lesz jocskan paciens... #smartwatch
De meg mindig inkabb meg egy Apple Watch mint egy Moto 360 vagy a tobbi alteregoi. #AppleLive
'Most young people don’t wear a watch or anything else.' Back to Tim Cook's 2013 interview at D11 conference.…
Apple Watch?! Lord Jesus. #AppleLive No way.
Apple Pay = NFC+TouchID+Passbook+SecureElement #AppleLive still don't care
iPhone 6 price looking steep... 799$ - $1049 with no contract #AppleEvent
8MP camera, true-tone flash, 1.5 micron pixels, f/2.2 aperture. #AppleLive #iPhone6 No significant camera improvement.
Didn't plan to learn Mandarin today. Fix it asap! #AppleLive
iPhone 6 in 4.7", iPhone 6 Plus in 5.5" with ion-strengthened glass #AppleLive