World's tallest roller coaster set to scrape Orlando's skies @USThrillRides
White and minimalist. Just a simple embossed outline of the iconic phone. #iPhone6
Norway's new passports hide an aurora borealis in plain sight… That's a design!
Jet stream tolja a hideget. Florida alja meg meguszta, de hamarosan ok is dideregni fognak.…
Ultimate Dog Tease… Can't stop watching this #dailycuteness
Webtool for making CSS 3.0 styles
Google signed a 60-year, $1.16 billion lease for part of a historic Navy air base.
Sleepy Hollow's headless horseman at Mandalay Bay Hotel, LV?
Ujabb gyongyszem, avagy uton athalado teknosok. Ne, de a sivatagban?
This one is definitely a must-try! @innoutburger protein style burger wrapped in hand-leafed lettuce instead of a bun…
Csak ovatosan az utak menten! Ugro szarvas helyett vigyazat hegyi parduc?
The magnificient naturally formed Horseshoe Bend along the Colorado river.
Influx of immigrants into Britain is a serious concern now…
The view this morming from my room. @ Hurricane, Utah
Just another roundtrip to NV-UT-AZ (@ John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York, NY)
Gyulnek a sotet felhok, a vihar sok mindenkit elvisz majd. Egy korszak ismet lezarul hamarosan.… #fed #stimulus
WhatsApp lost $230 million in the first 6 months of this year Tech/Startup bubble is about to burst $FB