India's answer to Google Glass: The Smartshoe
Wealth Inequality in America
Google belátta, hogy tévedett… Késő bánat...
Google enlists Novartis to ship glucose-sensing and autofocus smart contact lenses
The best extra weight we've ever carried!
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A Social Network with No Members, But a $4 Billion Valuation
Kickstarter raises thousands for potato salad… Smart. How about funding a half-eaten sandwich?
Trends and technology timeline 2010+…
This "Cardboard" gadget from Google turns your Android device into a VR headset,on the cheap. #IO14 Poor man's Oculus
Today's #GoogleIO2014 Agenda: - Android Wrist - Android Car - Android TV - Android Friendship Bracelet - Android Toenail - Android Android
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Great @snapseed and @vsco Cam inspired editing tools in the new @instagram update but still ruins picture quality
Apple's iOS8 is available in beta to developers today, to everyone else in the fall. As usual. #wwdc
Apple just announced a new programming language #Swift #wwdc
Touch ID for 3rd party apps, thumbs up to that! #wwdc
Third party keyboard support #wwdc #ios8
Developers can now create 'App Bundles', combining multiple apps in one purchase and can also add video preview #wwdc