Starting web projects in 2014: 1. Tweet about it 2. Instagram your workspace 3. Choose a JS framework 4. Make coffee … 47. Write some code
Ez a hétfő durvább, mint egy péntek.
Bekerültem a BuBi próbatesztbe \o/
@ashedryden aren't CEOs generally perceived as "out of touch"?
The charts show a massive increase in the incidence of floods, storms and droughts since the 1970s.… #climatebreakdown
Are unions good for productivity? cc @doctorow
Buzzfeed-style commit messages: • “Our site crashed, you won’t believe what happened next…” • “22 ways I refactored this code”
What happens when an agency thinks everything it does will be secret forever: NSA used "Mohammed Raghead" as target name in training doc.
We're looking for at least one slush reader. Details here:…
A paradicsomoknak biztos búcsút inthetek, a kávé talán kibírja ezt az esőt.
This made me chuckle :-) "Science vs. Engineering"
I didn't know the word ihram, but I know 76% of the other English words according to #wordORnot.
Website: a document comprising of HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Web application: same as above, but the developer charged more.
A junior QA is shoved into a closet, tape over their mouth… The sweet smell of release day.
Die Tastatur für Verschwörungstheoretiker... ;)… ez majdnem egy éve volt...rohan az idő
@icarusdes @aaannajuli a 19/25 gondolom szar eredménynek számít egy fejlesztőtől :D