Tíz példa a választási csalásra, és arra, hogyan lehet megakadályozni azt! magyarinfo.blog.hu/2014/04/02/var… via @kettosmerce
A kormánypárt által ma "átadott" (félkész) kerékpárút a Velencei-tónál. Nem volt elég rá a 4 év. SOS volt átadni. pic.twitter.com/btsrmQ53ZM
Caring too much. That's the curse of the working classes | David Graeber bit.ly/1jLfDUh
Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia responds to a petition asking that "holistic healing" be treated in a less critical manner. pic.twitter.com/HpzpVsJWAJ
@kicsu ahány házas, annyi szokásos
If you’re going to text the families of people who died on your plane, why wouldn’t you ask a real translator to translate the text?
@qikipedia Oh, you're no fun any more.
There’s no such thing as rape culture, guys pic.twitter.com/XGZKPK9i9m
If you think that representation does not matter, that’s probably because you are already represented.
does research software even compile? you can help find out! cs.brown.edu/~sk/Memos/Exam…
"You can't document your way out of a usability problem."